Our Team

Hi all, my name is Denzil Dolley. I am married to Lee-anne Dolley and we have 3 children: Emily, Jessamy and Leo. My desire and passion is to know Jesus more and more each day, as hard as it is to lead as He does. I love my family, sport and working with people. My coaching philosophy is simply ‘Better Players, Better Coaches and Better People’. What do I love most about being an Aslan Coach? We get to live out our faith and hope in Jesus by using sport as a tool where people actually find out that there’s a hope and future for them in this crazy world.

Favourite Quote: “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and this world remains and is immortal.”

Favorite Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58

Favorite Sports team: Man United and The Springboks

Greatest Mentors: So many amazing people made an impact on my life, but to name a few: my wife Lee-anne, my mother Dorothy Dolley, Cedric Boggenpoel, Garth Dolley, Brian Durrant and so many amazing people. However, Jesus Christ is the greatest mentor I will ever have, He will never leave me.

My Name is Bianca van Reenen, I am 19 years old and I am currently studying foundation phase teaching at CPUT.  In my matric year I had the privilege to captain the ladies 1st team hockey at Edgemead High School. Our coach (Denzil Dolley) introduced us to ASLAN-HIS organization in many different ways. I was automatically drawn towards the organisation and what it stood for – bringing hope to young people through sport. Not long after I matriculated, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the ASLAN-HIS family. I am now coaching the u16 B girls at Edgemead High School. It has been wonderful to be able to witness the smiles that our organization brings to the faces of young children in under privileged areas. We work on developing not only skills, but also building character amongst the young people that we work with. ASLAN-HIS provides the opportunity for the youth of today to join our family and gain skills when you are passionate about sport and working with our young people in communities all over.

Favourite Bible verses: Ephesians 6:10-12 and Galatians 2:20


Hello, my name is Rachel de Villiers. I love God and I am passionate about the next generation and sport. By being a part of the Aslan team it allows me to serve God but also to impact the lives of children in the community and help them build a relationship with God as well as to help set a good example for them and to show them what real love is. Connection is key and I am proud to be a part of a team that carries this out by using sport as a medium to connect with kids and to make sure that they are having fun.  I look forward to my time with the Aslan team and for the many opportunities to help others and to impact the lives of others.  What we do is a humbling experience and I have learnt that one of the greatest things a person can do is to give of their time and talents to others.

Role Models: I surround myself with many people who I consider to be role models. Both my friends and family have taught me to believe in myself and to treat others with kindness and respect.

Favourite Bible verse: Ephesians 4:2

Favourite Sports Team: Barcelona

Favourite quote: “Grow through what you go through” – Unknown


Hi all, my Name is Damon Watt.  My passion is helping others and inspiring people through hockey and dancing. I desire to give back and give the youth an opportunity to grow on the sports field and in their faith. What I love about Aslan is that the charity is about developing not only the youth but the team as well. It’s about building up one another and keeping ourselves and the youth connected to God and sport.

Favourite Bible verse : John 3:16

Favourite Soccer team: Liverpool FC

Greatest Mentors: My mom, Alison Watt, who has guided me through my life and been strong, and motivated me to be the best person I can be. Also Denzil Dolley who is the best person I know in my life, and has helped me be a better person.  He has inspired me to keep on improving in every aspect of my life and help me grow my relationship with God.



Hello there, my name is Isaac Rubaya.  I am an outdoorsy person. I enjoy hiking, long distance running, I love the beach, swimming in the sea and enjoy playing any form of sport. Using sport as a way of empowering young people with life skills, leadership and helping them build a relationship with Christ are my passions. When Denzil approached me to be a part of the organisation I did not hesitate because it gave me an opportunity to practice my passion and reach more young people than I was doing working on my own. I know that sport and having someone who cares played a big role in my life as a young boy, so giving back in that regard gives me great joy. Reaching out to the under privileged communities means we become the hands and feet of Christ which is what our faith is all about, ACTION.  Let us all be encouraged.

Favorite Bible verse : Phillipians 4:13

Favorite Soccer team: Man United and Mamelodi Sundowns

Greatest Mentor: Mother, who has taught me the priceless value of Hard Work, Respect and Kindness.


Hi there my name is Dylan Kimbrey.  My life is dominated by two main passions:

1) My passion is to try and serve God by serving others.

2) My second passion is the love of all sports.

Working with Aslan has been a great experience for me. So far, I have had many opportunities to fulfill both of my passions through coaching and doing outreaches. I love that Aslan focuses more on people and their wellbeing, rather than profits.

Favourite Bible verses: Matthew 6:33 and Luke 9:23

Favourite sports team: The Proteas

Greatest role models: I would have to say both of my parents have been role models to me in very different ways. Each of them adding a piece to the puzzle.