Vision and Values

Mission Statement: (Why we exist)

Using sport to give HOPE to our young people by developing and growing their skills through programs energised by God’s love

Vision: (Where we want to go)

Our Vision is to provide a Value-Based Sports Coaching service to schools, clubs and academies in all communities, to develop and grow the skills and character of our young people and to give them the HOPE that only God can give.

  • Value-Based Sports Coaching means that we will provide qualified coaches who know Jesus Christ as their saviour and who can impart more than sporting skills to the youth in various communities
  • Develop and grow skills means that we want to use sport to upskill the youth with life skills and positive characteristic qualities to show them that through applying the lessons taught in sport, they can apply it in most aspects of life (leading, team dynamics, discipline, etc.)
  • HOPE that only God can give means that we will show our young people that the hope that God gives is everlasting and that once you have Jesus Christ in your life, one can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Vehicle (How we aim to achieve our vision):

  • To use sport as a tool to engage with young people in their communities with a set agenda
  • We do this by combining sport and life skills, underpinned by Christian values
  • To use Christian coaches to impart sports and life skills to our youth
  • By facilitating various sporting and life skills programs in communities to develop character in their youth
  • Training and supporting churches to develop sports mission activities.
  • Working with partner organizations to maximize each other’s strengths.
  • Nutritional feeding projects through sport camps/clinics.

Overarching objectives

  1. To develop the sporting skills and abilities of young people
  2. To improve the health and wellbeing of young people
  3. To develop young people’s knowledge and awareness of God’s love
  4. To develop young people’s social skills, self-esteem and integrity
  5. To raise awareness and educate young people on their social responsibilities
  6. To extend hope in the person of Jesus to all young people

What we do:

ASLAN-HIS aims to work with thousands of young people on a weekly basis to make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities. Through God’s guidance, we will give them building blocks to become whoever they want to be in life.

Through sport we engage with young people, enabling them to develop self-esteem, determination, integrity, team spirit, social responsibility and life skills. These include the concepts of teamwork, leadership, self-control, making good life choices and respect.

ASLAN-HIS works with young people, many of whom are at risk of being excluded from schools, whom are vulnerable to crime or gangsterism or are from communities that experience high levels of social deprivation.

Due to the economic status in the Eastern and Western Cape, we want to start our projects in these communities.

Our quality sports programs are easily accessible, it is non-elitist and fun. Our Christian coaches are experienced and qualified across various sporting codes and all have Police clearances.